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Exploradores Jonathan

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In situ creation Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian

Novos Exploradores, Lisbon

Multimedia Performance. Piano concert - Song - Dance - Video. In situ creation Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian

In Lisbon, the pleasures of coincidence, of serendipity, brought Chris Christoffels & José Roland to discover Rubens’ portrait of Hélène Fourment, among the treasures at the Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian. The iconic painting is a dream climax – the painter and his model, a mythical, emblematic couple. A leitmotiv, a red thread, a mirror effect evoking the great discoveries, shifts in meaning, an open window onto contemporaneity, geniuses, researchers, the famous work by the master of Baroque painting, the great Ambassador of the Golden Age, sacralising the link between present and history. Hélène Fourment, Peter Paul Rubens, love, art, science, economics, diplomacy.

Exploradores, Porto

Performance Multimedia Dyptych. Concert - Song - Dance - Video. In situ creation at the Palácio da Bolsa. On the occasion of Semana Belga em Portugal Oporto, Portugal.

Adventura. Exploradores. Dreams of Eldorado, mental gold, quintessense, journeys of initiation. In front of the Palácio da Bolsa in Porto is the statue of 15th-century Infante Dom Henrique, Henry the Navigator, a patron and initiator of the New World’s discovery. And it was inside the building’s walls that the artists’ Exploradores found its ideal niche. Presented in the form of a dyptych on the right bank of the Douro, the piece evoked the mysteries and complexities of life’s journey.

Look at the Silence, Brussels

In situ Installation and Performance. Sign Language.

Look at the Silence

Look et the Silcence, video installation of Chris Christoffels & José Roland is accompanied by the choreographed sign language of Inès Guerreiro and Pierre Delforge, two young deaf members of Infosourds Bruxelles, which has its own space at Plateau 96. A meditation on the passage of time, the sound of silence, the approaching void, and the relativity of perception, the video's shadow play has inspired a parallel conversation in sign language that is at once poetic and emotion-laden.

Aube Multimedia, Antwerp

Performance Multimedia for String Quintet. Installation - Live concert - Video - Blue pigment

With AUBE, the artistic duo create associations between colour, form and movement and contemporary classical music, much as they did in their previous works POINT ZEROO, WAY OUT THESEUS, MISSA BREVIS. The musical score – written for a string quintet and performed by the pair’s FORMS COLLECTIVE ensemble – encourages instrumental vibrations that activate colour. Sounds become visible, almost palpable.

Theseus. A Timeless Myth, Brussels

Multimedia Performance. Opera. Dance. Video

The performance's starting-point was an article by Christophe Boltanski in the French newspaper Libération about a crime that took place in London. A red thread leads us back through the ages following DNA traceability. The eternal mystery of the labyrinth and of Theseus and all mankind's quest for light create links between past and present, in the same way as the Renaissance revived Antiquity and sublimated its art. Theseus is a dance performance, with singing and story telling in five languages (live, off and surtitling), as well as video screens. A kaleidoscope through time, this is a dance performance, with singing and story telling in five languages (live, off and surtitling), as well as video screens. A kaleidoscope through time, this thoroughly contemporary piece evokes the constancy of myth and of artistic performance itself. The model is that of man confronting difficulties and triumphing over them. At the same time, Theseus illustrates the challenges confronting those who are building Europe: a labyrinth of difficulties to conquer.

Midnight Blue, Brussels

Multimedia Performance. Opera. Dance.Video

Under the blue pigment symbolising Mother Earth, music (string quintet, flute), song (counter-tenor), dance, lights and video combine into a kaleidoscopic poem evoking the dangers threatening our blue planet (one of the themes of the Swedish Presidency). The performances explores the contrasts between Yin and Yang, Eros and Thanatos, as partakers of perpetuum mobile. Brussels’s tranquil Chapelle des Brigittines is the perfect site for the performance.

Related Work

Homère à Saint-Omer. Performance Multimedia Concert for 2 Voices and Piano. In situ creation at Hôtel Sandelin Museum, France. With Nicolas Ziélinski and Albert Bironien.

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