Drawing, painting, installation, video

Use of all possible media in all possible ways

With the graceful intervention of sunlight and rain

Secret Love

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Art Work

Rain owls.

Caught during night fight

SPORAE. So much rooms.

Interactive Instalattion and Music. Espace Européen pour la Sculpture/Europese Ruimte voor Beeldhouwkunst. Parc régional Tournay-Solvay Gewestpark.

Sporae.In situ installation.
Sporae.In situ installation
Sporae.In situ installation
Sporae.In situ installation
The park has preserved something of its former wildness, a path evoking the flint carved there centuries ago, rows of beech trees close by, rare essences like sequoia, some Crylus colurna trees, a rose garden, water basins with little steps designed for the frogs, a pond, and dozens of mushrooms growing contendly in their humus. Lewis Carroll is in the vicinity,watching the mysterious transformations in a world so close, sometimes above the ground, but below it too.


Interactive Instalattion and Music. On the rooftop op the Musical Instruments Museum. Art Square. Brussels

InstruMENTAL.In situ Istallation.
InstruMENTAL.In situ installtion
InstruMENTAL.In situ installation
InstruMENTAL.In situ installtion
InstruMENTAL.In situ installation

InstruMENTAL is about the psyche, both for what it has to say about intellectual faculties, but even more for what it tells us about imagination.

Postcards, drawings and objects

Drawings, Objects of Dust and recuperation material, Small Installations.

Postcard.Drawing José Roland
Drawing José Roland
Dust.Chris Christoffels & José Roland
Installation. José Roland
Model.Drawing José Roland

Le duo Chris Christoffels & José Roland s’est spécialisé dans les interventions ponctuelles associant aussi bien la danse que la musique, le chant et de multiples formes d’art visuel. Depuis une dizaine d’années, ils ont acquis un statut international bien mérité grâce à leurs prestations remarquées tant en Belgique qu’à l’étranger. Le fil rouge de ces performances multimédiatiques est une forme de fusion poétique raffinée au croisement de pratiques artistiques. Claude Lorent

Point Zeroo

In situ media creation. Installation and Music. Central Station Brussels.

Point Zeroo.In situ installation
Point Zeroo.In situ installation
Point Zeroo.In situ installation
Point Zeroo.In situ installation
The movements of visitors to the cube-like structure create different rhythms and sounds, thanks to sensors connected to a computer with pre-programmed echantilloneur. The higher they wave their hands, the higher the sounds, and the faster they move, the faster the rhythms. Blowups of details of Botticelli's The Birth of Venus drift past. Together with the specially composed music, the atmosphere is of womb-like tranquillity. The experience is a symbolic return to the origin of sound, music and life. POINT ZERO is like the very starting-point of imagination, suggesting expansion and movement. From zero to infinity.


Mixed Media Creation.Triptych for the belgian consulate in L.A., Travel Notebook, Postcard, Musselbox, Movie & Music. LACMA and Belgian Consulate Los Angeles, Unites States.

The 4 Pipes Alphabet (Marcel Broodthaers, 1969) which Chris Christoffels and José Roland lent to the LACMA for the celebrated exposition of Magritte and Contemporary Art: the Treachery of Images (March 2007) is included. Chris Christoffels and José Roland are invited to the opening receptions and create "in situ" a work in progress inspired by the context, that ultimately prolonges their multimedia work together.

Related Work

Triptyche. Vitrail/Vitrine. Writing Dance. Homère à Saint-Omer. Paintings.

My Kingdom for a Horse


Sun Painting



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